Maintaining a safe home is a primary concern for all homeowners and renters. However, this concern is doubled when a family member in the home is faced with mobility challenges. Making sure that you or your loved one is safe while navigating throughout the home is a huge challenge that must be met with the right information as well as the right tools. To better understand how to make your house a safe environment for yourself or a handicapped family member let us look at some of the hazards faced by those with mobility challenges.


There are many different types of mobility challenges. Not everyone who needs mobility assistance is entirely unable to move or walk at all. Individuals who can move and walk on their own to some degree actually have greater risk of falling than those who cannot move or walk at all. When an individual has some mobility they are often tempted to try to do more than they are safely able, such as climbing stairs. Stairs pose a real safety risk due to the height. A stair chair or a stair lift can give these individuals a safer alternative for navigating stairs. With a stairlift you or your loved one will still be able to move about independently and care for personal needs without being put in any danger.

Before choosing stair lifts for your home a little research should be done to find out which kind of stair lifts would be best for your home and your type of stairs. Stair lift reviews can be very helpful in assisting you with this most important choice and most important purchase. A handicap stair lift is an important investment which will increase the safety of your home and improve the life of handicapped individuals living in your home.

Getting Trapped

Another danger that handicapped individuals face is becoming trapped underneath their own mobility equipment whether it be a wheel chair or scooter. This catastrophe can happen when an individual attempts to move themself along with their equipment in an unsafe way. This often happens when attempting to climb exterior stairs. When a ramp or a wheelchair stair lift is not available individuals may try to get creative in order to gain access to the home. This creativity can actually put the individual in danger. Attempting to have others carry a wheel chair up stair or carry a scooter up stairs can result in terrible accidents and injury to the handicapped individual. These problems can easily be solved with the installation of handicap stair lift.

With a wheelchair lift or a handicap stair lift there is never any guessing as to how you can safely enter your home. When the home is a safe place for a handicapped individual all who live there will benefit. Creating a safe environment also makes it possible to keep yourself or your loved one dealing with a handicap in a home based care environment rather than an alternative care environment.