Mobility challenges come in many forms and vary from person to person which makes meeting mobility challenges difficult. What works for one individual may not work for another individual. For people who are dealing with severe mobility difficulties which keep them bound to a wheel chair mobility challenges are extreme. These individuals need real workable mobility solutions in order to make their mobility dreams a reality. So what are the distinct challenges faced by those wheel chair bound?

Chair Dependence

Individuals who cannot remove themselves from their own wheelchairs are in a special situation, however, their desire for independence is the same as it is for anyone else. These individuals want to maintain as much freedom and independence as possible and care for as many of their own daily needs as they possibly can. Having a sense of independence and mobility helps to fight off depression which is often associated with chair dependence. A vertical platform lift can make it possible for these individuals to navigate stairs while remaining in their wheelchairs. A wheelchair platform lift allows the individual to safely lock their chair into the lift and quickly and easily ascend any set of stairs from the comfort of their chair.

Care Giver Dependence

Another aspect of being wheelchair bound is that the handicapped individual is often very dependent on their care givers. When you are unable to move about freely you must rely on someone else to assist you with daily tasks. In many cases this can become discouraging to the handicapped person who wishes to be more independent. An inclined platform lift can make their dreams of independence a reality. These devices make it possible to safely navigate within the home while in a wheelchair. When handicapped individuals can cut down on their dependence to their caregivers they can begin to regain their sense of independence and personhood. These are important qualities that make life joyful and meaningful.

Safety Risks

It might seem that an individual who is limited to their wheelchair would not be in much danger of being injured, but the opposite is actually true. A wheelchair can actually pose a great safety risk if the individual attempt to navigate their home in an unsafe way. A platform stair lift can guarantee that the individual will always have a safe option in order to move about their home. A platform lift is a wonderful home investment that will not only increase the safety of the home but also increase the joy and independence for yourself or your loved one dealing with mobility challenges.