The VistaVator Platform Lift offers covered protection, and a clear enclosure with a door, to keep you and your items safe and dry. You can enjoy your own personal outdoor elevator without needing to remodel your home’s interior. Don’t give up your home, give up the awkward stairs.

The VistaVator securely supports up to 500 pounds. You can easily load all of your groceries and the lift will safely bring you and your items right to your door. You will no longer have to struggle with unwieldy trash bags or luggage. Place your trash on the lift and allow the VistaVator to do the work for you.


  • The VistaVator is code compliant platform lift, giving users the convenience of an elevator without the expense of interior renovations
  • Doors stay shut while the lift is in motion for added safety, the lift will not operate if obstructions are sensed
  • Interior motion controls with a lock to prevent unauthorized use
  • Simple button operation at top and bottom landings to call the lift to you
  • Lifts at the rate of 30 feet per minute
  • Available for two or three story homes
  • Backed by the best warranty in the business
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Manufactured with sturdy stainless steel and aluminum

VistaVator Platform Lifts are designed to carry up to 2 persons or 500 lbs. These lifts are designed for outdoor use and do not require an enclosed shaft. No one under the age of 18 should operate this lift without adult supervision. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not operate this lift. The VistaVator is enclosed to keep persons sheltered from rains while the lift is in operation, however they are not designed to operate in frozen precipitation or inclement weather. The VistaVator lift is for residential use only and is designed to be installed following the ASME 18.1 and 17.5 codes. VistaVator platform lifts need to be serviced at least once annually. Preferred service is twice annually. Failure to service your lift adequately could result in a lift malfunction or failure that may cause injury or death. While servicing these units you should practice proper lockout procedures. VistaVator offers an installation training class for installers. Any additional information can be obtained by contacting or calling 252-747-5180.

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