Those with mobility issues know how drastically one’s quality of life can be affected when you are not able to move about freely as you wish. Today there are many mobility increasing options for individuals who have mobility challenges. In order to increase mobility and therefore quality of life it is important to first understand the unique challenges faced by those dealing with mobility issues.

Entering and Exiting Buildings

If you must have mobility assistance, entering and exiting buildings including your own home becomes a unique challenge. Most homes and places of business are created with steps or stairs at the entrance which creates a distinct difficulty for people using wheel chairs, walkers or scooters. Although many businesses and other public buildings are now required to provide handicap accessibility by means of a handicap ramp, most homes do not have this feature.

With the installation of handicap ramps any home can be turned from a frustrating obstacle course into a welcoming environment for those with mobility challenges. Handicapped ramps are an easy addition to any home that makes a huge difference in the quality of life for those who live there or for those who visit there frequently. Often times family members or friends who have mobility challenges are discouraged from visiting because they know they cannot navigate the entrance to a home. Close friends and family can encourage a greater social interaction and quality of life for their loved ones with handicap ramps.

Navigating Interior Stairs

Another challenge faced by handicapped individuals is that of navigating interior stairs. Interior stairs are often even more challenging than exterior stairs because in general they are at a steeper incline than those found outside of the house. The risk for falling is increased inside of the home and the danger of injury is greater due to the increased height. These challenges can be met with the installation and use of a handicap stair lift. These devices can make even the steepest set of stairs a breeze. Stair lifts are safe and easy to maintain. Handicap lifts can make a real difference in the quality of life for handicapped individuals.

Personal Care

Handicapped individuals often depend on others to help take care of the simplest daily tasks. The main reason for this is because they cannot get to where they need in their own homes. The use of ramps and lifts can help these individuals increase their own independence. When a person is capable of taking care of their own needs it increases their quality of life and makes their handicapped challenges much more manageable.

Increased independence also helps relationships between handicapped individuals and their family and friends. Sometimes the strain of caring for a handicapped individual can stress out a relationship. However when that individual can tend to more of their own personal needs, relationships can improve and flourish.