If you or a loved one are elderly or disabled, a wheelchair lift for home usage breaks the barriers of mobility challenges. Wheelchair lifts for homes provide easy access to upper and lower levels without having to rely on some sort of assistance. All around, a home lift means convenience and freedom. Even if you use a scooter RAM home stair lifts add to your freedom to move around your home.

Affordability and Safety

The affordability of a home lift allows you to skip the costly home renovations such as a first level bedroom. These mobility devices raise you from the ground and smoothly transition you to and from the down stair space. Special geared belt systems provide secure movement without any slippage. With home stair lifts, you can transition from one level to the next and circumvent those troublesome stairwells. Plus, you don’t have to get in and out of your wheelchair. This helps in rooms with limited space.

Today’s home stair lifts have built-in safety features that put you in control. Their easy-to-read control panel is straightforward. High-sided safety rails, non-slip metal platforms and reinforced wheel-guards keep you safe and reduce the risk of injury. Why risk an injury when you can avoid one with home lifts?

Residential Lifts Provide Options

Residential lifts also come in a variety of styles, such as enclosed lifts, portable lifts and porch lifts. Access your elevated deck or porch with an outdoor lift and enjoy the great outdoors. Even descending and ascending a small flight of stairs can be a safety hazard. Enclosed lifts can also be used outdoors and easily attack to walk-out landings and second-floor decks. Portable lifts are there when you need it. Easily attend sporting events and community activities with the use of a portable lift. If you use a scooter, wheelchair or assisted walking device, a portable lift will give you easy access and peace of mind.