Realizing that your parent, grandparent or other loved one is aging quickly in ways that are surprising can be a shock. While the signs might be subtle at first, knowing what to look for can help you keep your loved one safe and also make accommodations, such as chair lifts, for their continued mobility.

Your Parent Falls While Coming Down the Stairs

Falling is often one of the first — and most visible — signs that your loved one is having issues getting around safely. Trying to navigate stairs when they are sometimes not as steady on their feet as they used to be can easily spell disaster for your aging loved one. Chair lifts for stairs can make it easy for seniors to move from floor to floor of their home with confidence.

Your Grandparent No Longer Wants to Leave the House

Many older adults dread losing their independence. Admitting that they are afraid to leave their home is not often something that you will hear your normally confident grandparents verbalize. If you notice, however, that they are no longer as active outside the home as they were previously, it could be due to their fearfulness that they will not be able to safely navigate their outside stairs. A chair lift for stairs allows them to easily do so without fear — or your help.

Your Loved One is Not Able to Take Their Medications

It is a fact of life that as people age, their health begins to decline. This often results in them needing to see their primary physician — as well as specialists when applicable — more often. An increase in the number of prescription medications can result in confusion if precautions are not taken. A schedule is often helpful to keep your loved one on track when it comes to the medicines they need to take and when. Using a stair lift chair to come down to the kitchen immediately after rising in the morning helps ensure that they will not forget or become distracted.