There is a lot of focus on wheelchair lifts for vans. While vans offer many benefits handicapped people, they are not the only options that exist for personal transportation. A car lift is also a viable option for some people. Event though cars do not offer as much room as a van, technology combined with product design has made it possible for handicapped people to forego the van and enjoy the car. In this article, we explore the options for both cars and vans so readers can make informed decisions about their transportation needs.

Car Lifts for Wheel Chairs

These lifts help to secure your scooter or wheelchair to the back of the car. They are easy to use and allow handicapped people to take their chair wherever they travel by vehicle. They work with cars, trucks, and vans. These are often referred to as a vehicle lift too.

Car Lifts that Lift You into the Car

These are hydraulic lifts that have an arm, and they lift someone from the wheelchair into the car’s seat via a sling. They replace the rolling hydraulic lift that people use in homes and hospitals. These are attached to the car making them perfect for transferring from a wheelchair to the car’s seat. They add mobility to the lives of people who cannot stand.

Another option is a modified car seat that swings out so that people can transfer from a wheelchair to the car seat. These seats are perfect for those people have limited mobility, use a walker, etc., but who may have difficulty getting in and out of the car because of the low seat position.

Van lift

Handicap vans offer more utility than do many cars because handicap accessible vans offer the space for larger wheelchairs. Handicap vans can be equipped with a wheelchair lift for the van and wheelchair ramps for vans. There are platform lifts too that act as an elevator moving the chair and the person from the ground to the floor of the van.

When it comes to handicap vans, they provide mobility options for everyone. A wheelchair van rental company is the place to start. With a rental van, you can experience what it is like to travel in a larger vehicle. You can experience the different mechanisms such as wheelchair lifts for vans or even the wheelchair ramps for vans. Vans can be fitted with a vehicle lift also if you do not need to remain in your wheelchair.